The Department of Information Technology (IT) at KSRIT was formally established in 2001. In the Diploma programme, the first batch graduated in 2004. Information Technology is one among the lead in IT industries and services. The department main aim is to improve quality education and maintain the standards. The students of Department of Information Technology have taken their lead in academics with centum result.

Talent staffs have been input to the IT system to debug the student’s errors and give a bright output to the students to became success in their life and to stand in the future world .

Its our delightful pride to have a glimpse at our glorious past, when we are at the threshold of the 11th year. The gusto of our reliable brilliant students has resulted in securing state ranks. Success leads on meritorious victory in the life of our students. Students will prove each year adds to the merits of their success.

The department has close interaction with a number of industry and government agencies. The main modes of interaction are faculty consultancy, sponsored projects and short-term courses. The department also has an industrial affiliate’s programme to which all major software houses are associated.

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