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The department also has well-built infrastructure facilities with all necessary lab also has a well-equipped Computer Aided Garment Designing and Pattern Making Lab, Yarn Manufacturing Lab, Fabric Manufacturing Lab, Knitting Lab, Textile Testing Lab with computer interface, Textile Chemical Processing Lab, Apparel Machinery Lab and Cloth Analysis Lab. The Garment Construction Lab is equipped with latest machinery. Major equipment like RUTI-C loom, Mixing Bale Opener, Fancy Doubler Winding, Draw Frame, Sliver Lap Machine, Comber, Fabric Abrasion Tester, DIGI Light Fastener Tester, Curing Chamber, Button Hole Machine, Button Stitch Machine, Ring Frame are available in Textile Department laboratory. 

Spinning Lab

In this Lab the students gets a hands on training in Yarn manufacturing machines. The lab is equipped with Ring, Rotor Spinning Systems and Doubling Machines.

Weaving Lab

Woven and Knitted fabrics are manufactured by the students himself in the lab. A modern Air Jet weaving machine is installed in this lab.

Chemical Processing Lab

To make the Colorful Yarn and Fabric sample in this lab. Dyeing, Printing and Finishing samples are carried out by the students using ultra lab model machinery.

Textile Testing Lab

The individuality of different fibres, yarn, fabrics and garment samples are tested to international standards using most modern equipments.

Computer Aided Designing Lab

The students are trained on the usage of world-class software system like TVKALA and WONDER WEAVE. Innovative fabric designs and garment styles are created by the students using these software’s.

Garments Lab

Well equipped computer aided garment designing and pattern making. The garment construction lab is equipped with latest sewing machinery.


Lab Details

S.No Year / Semester Name of the lab  
1 II / III TT3.5 Yarn manufacture – I Practical
2 II / III TT3.6 Fabric Manufacture-1 Practical
3 II / IV TT4.4 Textile wet processing Practical  
4 II / IV TT4.5 Yarn manufacture – II Practical
5 II / IV TT4.6 Fabric Manufacture – II Practical
6 III / V TT.5.4 Textile Testing Practical  
7 III / V TT5.5 Garment technology Practical
8 III / V TT5.6 English Communication skill Practical
9 III / VI TT6.4 Textile CAD practical
10 III / VI TT6.5 Fabric structure practical
11 III / VI TT.6.6 Project Work, Entrepreneurship, Environment &Disaster management  
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